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Club Diamond

"I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your company's outstanding performance this past weekend at Harrah's Mystery event.  I've worked with your company for three years now and every one of your events has been a spectacular success...keeping customers happy is critical to our business success.  Our relationship with Premeditated Productions has made it easier to achieve tha goal."


- Richard Brown, Director of Marketing

Harrah's Laughlin, Nevada

This 1940's Murder Mystery is a shoot 'em up gallery that pops from the pages of paperback pulp detective novels and '40s film noir.


You'll be witnessing and participating in a story about a cop who remembers his last case and his last meal from the stains across his Police  Blotter.… It's about a day with lips like burning embers who scorched him with her very last kiss. It's about the gangster who got hurt, the chorus girl who wanted her gone and the greed that got them all.


This is THE MURDER MYSTERY MUST-SEE SHOW that is adaptable to any environment from Casino Showrooom to Banquet Facility.  It can be performed in one exciting night or over the course of a get-away weekend.


The action never stops and will keep your guests guessing as they not only watch the drama unfold, but find themselves becoming a part of it.  Both armchair detectives and sophisticated theatre goers will love  their evening at CLUB DIAMOND.



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