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Premeditated Productions proudly presents  

"Burlesque-O-Rama!...The bare neccessities."  


Now we've done it!  We've combined our  best assets into one naughty production!  Premeditated Production's new addition is a sexy, funny musical revue featuring beautiful Classic Burlesque Artists.  Burlesque-O-Rama is also an evening of humor and music, hosted by comedian Milton Burlesque and Cher.  Backed by a Hot Jazz Trio, the show swings from top to bottom.


Whether your audience likes it hot or not, we can set the thermostat of this show to any temperature... More comedy? Less clothes?  It's up to you.


Check out our Peek-A-Boo Behind the Scenes video we shot at dress rehearsal recently at a large casino in Canada.  We can customize and personalize Burlesque-O-Rama for an audience of 50 or 5,000.


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